• Our Company

    Illinois Industrial Lumber Is Northern Illinois' leading wholesaler of lumber and plywood for industrial and heavy construction applications.


    We stock over 6 million board feet of softwood and hardwood lumber, and nearly a million square feet of plywood and other panel products. If we don’t stock the item you need, let us know. We can add it to our inventory within two weeks.


    We also have a full re-manufacturing facility that can accommodate any cut-to-size order.


    At Illinois Industrial Lumber you deal directly with EXPERTS - veteran buyers and sellers. Our customers receive PRIORITY PERFORMANCE in quality, selection and delivery. Satisfaction guaranteed.


    Our Buying Power

    We buy directly from the sawmills in rail car lots, and ship single-item or custom mixed loads all over Northern Illinois. It's the kind of buying power that translates into major savings for our customers.


    With over 40 years of experience, our buyers review weekly all species of softwood and hardwood lumber produced in the U.S. and Canada. This ensures we get the best price possible without compromising quality.




    Our Location

    Our six acre facility is located in Montgomery Illinois just west of Chicago, the transportation hub of the Midwest. We have a full acre under roof for clean, dry lumber storage.


    With our centralized location and our own fleet of trucks, we have the ability to deliver full and partial custom loads throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Iowa. Many orders are shipped the next day.​


    Our location on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rail Hub allows us to economically purchase forest products from all producing regions of North America. This enables us to provide more options at increased savings to our customers.


  • Industrial

    Illinois Industrial Lumber has been serving industrial customers in the Midwest for over 30 years. Our satisfied customers include:


    Pallet Builders and Re-builders

    Crate and Box Builders

    Export Packagers


    Grain Elevators

    Steel Processors and Distributors

    Lumber Yards


    Our inventory of kiln dried, heat treated (KDHT) softwood is among the largest in the Midwest. Mix and match bundles of dimensional lumber, boards, timbers, hardwood and panels to make a custom load that fits your needs. We can also cut and stamp any order to your specifications. Check out our inventory as well as our cut-to-size capabilities below.

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    Kiln Dried & Heat Treated (KDHT)

    Grades #2, #3, #4

    2 x 2 x 8'

    2 x 3 x 8'-16'

    2 x 4 x 6'-20'

    2 x 6 x 6'-20'

    2 x 8 x 8'-16'

    2 x 10 x 8'-16'

    2 x 12 x 8'-16'

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    Kiln Dried & Heat Treated (KDHT)

    Grade #3

    1 x 2 x 8'-10'

    1 x 4 x 8'-16'

    1 x 6 x 8'-16'

    1 x 8 x 8'-16'

    1 x 10 x 8'-16'

    1 x 12 x 8'-16'

    5/4 x 4 x 6'-16'

    5/4 x 6 x 6'-16'

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    Kiln Dried & Heat Treated (KDHT)

    Grades #2, #3

    3 x 4 x 8'-20'

    4 x 4 x 8'-20'

    4 x 6 x 8'-20'

    6 x 6 x 8'-20'

    6 x 8 x 8'-16'

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    Rough Green

    1 x 4 x 8'-12'

    2 x 4 x 8'-12'

    2 x 6 x 8'-12'

    3 x 4 x 8'-12'

    3 x 6 x 8'-12'

    3 x 8 x 8'-12'

    4 x 4 x 8'-12'

    4 x 6 x 8'-12'

    6 x 6 x 8'-12'

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    3/8" x 4 x 8 Mill Certified

    1/2" x 4 x 8 Mill Certified

    5/8" x 4 x 8 Mill Certified

    3/4" x 4 x 8 Mill Certified


    3/8" x 4 x 8 CDX

    1/2" x 4 x 8 CDX

    5/8" x 4 x 8 CDX

    3/4" x 4 x 8 CDX


    7/16" x 4 x 8 OSB


    7/16" x 4 x 8 Shop Grade OSB

    3/4" x 4 x 8 Shop Grade OSB


    1/8" x 4 x 8 Hardboard

    1/4" x 4 x 8 Hardboard

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    Leave the cutting to us!

    Our fully equipped re-manufacturing facility can accommodate any cut-to-size order. Whether it's softwood, hardwood, plywood, or any combination of both; we have the ability to resaw, rip, bevel, chainsaw, and cut to length. By letting us do the cutting, you can focus on your core business. It's a great way to improve efficiency, lower costs, and keep your business free of sawdust. Please contact one of our expert sales representatives for more information,


  • Heavy Construction

    Whether you build bridges or buildings, Illinois Industrial Lumber is your one-stop wood products shop. We carry large inventories of concrete forming plywood, lumber, lagging, chamfer, and fire retardant wood. Plus, our fleet of trucks can deliver next day or sooner to any job-site in Northern Illinois. Call us today!


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    Concrete Forming Plywood


    We carry the best brands on the market: Weyerhaeuser (Plum Creek), Westlam, Natron, Pacific Wood Laminates.



    1/2" x 4 x 8 HDO Fir

    5/8" x 4 x 8 HDO Fir

    3/4" x 4 x 8 HDO Fir

    3/4" x 4 x 10 HDO Fir

    3/4" x 4 x 12 HDO Fir



    5/8" x 4 x 8 MDO Fir

    3/4" x 4 x 8 MDO Fir

    3/4" x 4 x 10 MDO Fir



    3/4" x 4 x 8 BBOES Pine


    Marine Grade

    3/4" x 4 x 8 Marine Grade

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    All of our construction grade lumber is delivered paper wrapped from reputable sawmills. Quality guaranteed. No cutting corners here!


    Construction Grade

    1 x 4 x 16'

    1 x 6 x 16'

    1 x 8 x 16'

    1 x 10 x 16'

    1 x 12 x 16'


    2 x 4 x 16'

    2 x 6 x 16'

    2 x 8 x 16'

    2 x 10 x 16'

    2 x 12 x 16'


    4 x 4 x 16'

    4 x 6 x 16'

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    We carry a wide array of construction essentials. Take a look at the list below. If you don't see a particular item, let us know and we'll start stocking it.


    OSHA Scaffold Plank

    2 x 10 x 16' OSHA Scaffold Plank


    Hardwood Lagging

    3 x 6 Hardwood Lagging (Oak)

    3 x 8 Hardwood Lagging (Oak)



    1/2" x 10' Chamfer

    3/4" x 10' Chamfer

    1" x 10' Chamfer

    1 1/2" x 10' Chamfer


    Fire Retardant

    2 x 4 x 8'-16' Construction Grade Fire Retardant

    4 x 4 x 8'-16' Construction Grade Fire Retardant

    1/2" x 4 x 8 CDX Fire Retardant

    3/4" x 4 x 8 CDX Fire Retardant

  • Wood Byproducts

    At Illinois Industrial Lumber nothing goes to waste. We use wood scraps to heat our warehouse and sell the leftovers to local mulchers. All of our sawdust is sold to local farms for animal bedding.

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    Wood Scraps

    Each winter we use the wood scraps from our re-manufacturing facility to heat our warehouses. Instead of expensive gas furnaces, our wood stove can produce enough heat to keep 15,000 square feet nice and warm. We also sell the leftover wood scraps to local mulchers.

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    Our re-manufacturing facility produces thousands of pounds of sawdust each week. Instead of filling our landfills with this useful byproduct, we refine it and sell it to farms for animal bedding. Sawdust also makes a great sweeping compound because of its highly absorbent properties. Try some on your warehouse or factory floor today!

    For more information on how to purchase Wood Scraps or Sawdust for your business, call 630-896-7500.

  • Contact Us

    Please, feel free to contact us for more information!


    Address: 1230 South Lake Street, Montgomery, IL 60538

    Phone: (630)-896-7500

    Fax: (630)-896-7573




    By appointment only. Call 630-896-7500 and press 1 for shipping and recieving to make an appointment. Please have our IIL PO number ready.